Monica Isbell

Senior Consultant at Mercator International

Based in Seattle with over 38 years of experience in operations, business development management, and consulting in international trade, Ms. Isbell has optimized intricate international supply chains of beneficial cargo owners and helped government entities understand how freight stakeholders use multimodal transportation networks.

Her work has enabled policy‐makers implement strategies to effectively redesign and increase capacity of transportation infrastructure to enhance freight mobility. Ms. Isbell has consulted for numerous port authorities and logistics service providers.

She has played leadership roles as Panel Chair of the US National Cooperative Freight Research Program in Washington, DC; VP and Board of Directors member of the Portland Business Alliance and PNW International Trade Association, OR; and member of the International Trade and Transportation Work Group by the Oregon International Trade Commission.


  • Senior Consultant, Mercator International LLC, Seattle, WA
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Practice Leader, Cambridge Systematics, Medford, MA
  • Founder and President, Starboard Alliance Company LLC, Portland, OR
  • Director, Corporate Logistics and Trade, Columbia Sportswear, Portland, OR
  • Vice President and Manager of Corporate Customers, Direct Line Cargo Management Services/DHL Global, Los Angeles, CA
  • Manager, Purchasing and Inventory Control, Asics Tiger Corp., Los Angeles, CA
  • Western Regional Manager, Sea-Land Service, Long Beach, CA


  • B. A. in Politics, Princeton University
  • Degree of Proficiency in Russian Studies, Princeton University