Mercator International Works with a Client Base That Spans the Globe and the Transport Spectrum.

Mercator International has served a diverse and international portfolio of hundreds of clients.


Value is a function of volumes, rates, costs, investment, and risk. Mercator International offers a comprehensive suite of professional services oriented towards helping stakeholders navigate uncertainty while making strategic decisions regarding these value levers.

Mercator International has executed over 300 engagements around the world since 2009.

Featured Projects

Long-Term Import/Export Forecast

Mercator International was retained by the Australian State of Victoria Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) to produce long-term forecasts of container, RO-RO, break-bulk, and liquid bulk imports and exports to assist the DTF and its financial advisors in essentially privatizing the State-owned port corporation through the granting of a long-term lease/concession.

Dry Bulk Terminals Due Diligence

Mercator International was engaged by a global infrastructure investor to conduct commercial and operational due diligence on a large portfolio of bulk terminals in North America, South America, and Europe. Due to a very short project timeline, Mercator International deployed several teams to evaluate the assets, including a subcontractor to assist in technical engineering analyses of the facilities and equipment. Mercator International analyzed the respective markets and competitive positions for each of the terminals and developed cargo forecasts to help inform the client’s valuation models.

Expert Testimony on Latin American Concession

Mercator International conducted commercial and operational analysis, prepared a report, and provided expert testimony for a proceeding at the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) involving a complex concession dispute in Latin America. Topics addressed included concession processes and award criteria, comparability of concession terms, competition among operators, pricing of terminal services and terminal operator performance.

In a constantly evolving industry, Mercator International provides actionable insights on current events.

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